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Vallnord Snowparks is Vallnord’s freestyle ski project. On the one hand, the Arinsal sector has one of the most famous areas in Southern Europe for this kind of skiing; and on the other hand, there is now also a beginner freestyle area in the Pal sector.
The project is backed by the ASP Snowparks team of shapers, who embarked on this adventure during the 2009-2010 seasons and have put all their skill into the construction of modules and jumps to guarantee that all tricks can be performed safely. The freestyle ski area has its own ski lift and snow groomer, making for a fast turnaround time, with no need for skiers to leave the area.

The Snowparks is made up of three areas to accommodate the different user levels, and includes modules and jumps adapted to the needs of each type of user.

The expert area has become the Snowpark’s most highly regarded zone, and internationally renowned riders can often be seen there, training for their competitions. The Vallnord Snowparks project is complete with a sponsored team of riders who primarily come from Andorra and Spain.

The Snowparks has three different areas:

  • Beginners: for those starting out in freestyle.
    • 5 boxes between 4 and 6 metres
    • 3 mini-jumps
  • Area intermediate: 14 modules (rails and boxes).
    • Boxes
    • Rails
    • Medium-level jumps
    • Two jumps of around 6 metres
  • Area expert: this is a high quality zone, the most attractive area in the snow park and the most popular with more experienced freestylers.
    • 6 large and medium jumps situated on three tables, with jumps on each, one between 10 and 18 metres flat.
    • A jibbing set
Vallnord snowpark arinsal 

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