Legal notice


1. General Information.
These terms and conditions (hereinafter, the “Terms of Use”) govern the permitted uses of the site under URL, which VALLNORD, S.A. (hereinafter, “VALLNORD”) makes available to Internet users (hereinafter, “Users”).
Users may address any requests, questions, and complaints to:
Postal address: Avd El Traves nº 4 – AD400 – La Massana - Andorra
E-mail address:
NRT : A-706613-R
Customer service phone number: +376 878 000
2. Acceptance of the Terms of Use.
These Terms of Use govern the access and use of the site, which VALLNORD makes available to Users for free. Access to the site entails unqualified acceptance of its terms.
3. Intellectual Property.
3.1 Intellectual property rights over the website, its source code, design, pictures, texts, browsing structure, databases, and several contents included in the site are the exclusive property of VALLNORD, who shall be solely entitled to exercise any exploitation rights thereon, and in particular, over any reproduction, distribution, public communication, and transformation rights.
3.2 VALLNORD owns all industrial property rights over its products and services, and it specifically owns any rights related to VALLNORD trademark; therefore, its use is forbidden, unless VALLNORD states its express consent in writing, with its signature, to that effect.
3.3 Any unauthorized use of the information contained in the website, any resale thereof, as well as any impairment to VALLNORD’s intellectual property rights shall cause relevant statutory liabilities to arise.
Users undertake liability for their use of the website. Users undertake to make proper use of the contents and services offered at VALLNORD’s site. Accordingly, Users assume some responsibilities which include, without limitation, the obligation to refrain from (i) misusing the images; (ii) incurring in any illegal or unlawful activities, or any activities which may be contrary to good faith and public policy; (iii) causing damage to VALLNORD’s logical and physical systems, and to its suppliers or any third parties’ systems; (iv) introducing or spreading information virus or any other logical and physical systems in the site, which may be likely to cause any kind of damage
4. Contents Shared by Users
Part of the material disclosed on the Web refers to content hosted on other Internet sites (such as Facebook, Youtube, Flickr, etc) over which VALLNORD undertakes no liability whatsoever as far as rights are concerned. Upon occurrence of any irregularities, such user as may have uploaded the content shall be held liable, on the grounds that users are supposed to read and accept the legal terms of use and intellectual property of each of the sites which are external to Vallnord.
In any case, upon connecting to other Internet sites and pages (such as Facebook, YouTube, Flickr or any other analogue social network) Users acknowledge to accept the use such networks make of their data and of the information hosted thereon, holding VALLNORD harmless in the event that any such Web pages may misuse Users’ personal information.
The pictures and videos on VALLNORD Gallery are property of their own authors. VALLNORD disclaims any liability for any damage to third party as may arise out of reading and/or viewing the contents shared, and for any use thereof. VALLNORD shall be exempt of any liability in relation to the legality of the contents shared, and in this aspect, it does not verify or review any such contents before users share them with other Internet users on the social networks which are commonly used. Users who have uploaded the contents to the Web shall be solely liable for the legality of such contents.
5. Permitted Uses.
Users shall be authorized to partially download, print, and view the content on the Web only upon occurrence of the conditions set out below; namely:
5.1. The content shall be compatible with the purposes of the Web.
5.2. The action shall be carried out for the sole purpose of obtaining the information contained for personal and private purposes. Any use of such information for business purposes or for its distribution, public disclosure, transformation or decompilation shall be expressly forbidden.
5.3. None of the contents related on the Web shall in any way e modified.
5.4. No graphic, icon or image available on the Web shall be used, copied or distributed separately from the text or from any other accompanying images.
6. Changes on the Web and on the Terms of Use.
VALLNORD reserves its right to modify and update the information contained on the Web at any moment and without any need of prior notice, as well as to modify or update any set-up or layout of the information and any access conditions. VALLNORD further reserves its right to update these Terms of Use without any prior notice to Users, who are solely responsible for their consultation as a step required before gaining access to the Web.
7. Limitation of Liability.
7.1 VALLNORD shall not guarantee the non-existence of interruptions or errors in gaining access to the Web or to its content, or that the site’s content is updated. As soon as VALLNORD becomes acquainted with the existence of any errors, connection interruptions or content outdates, it shall carry out any and all tasks aimed at curing any errors, restoring communication, and updating the contents, provided always that no concurrent causes render it impossible or difficult to perform
7.2 Any access to the Web, as well as any non-consented use of the information contained therein shall be the sole responsibility of the party using it. VALLNORD shall not be held liable for any consequence or damage which may arise out of such access or use. VALLNORD shall not be held liable for any safety errors which may occur or for any damage to the information system of Users (hardware and software), or to the files o documents stored therein, as a result of:
(i) the presence of any virus in the Users’ computers which may be used to connect to the services and contents in the Web,
(ii) any browser’s malfunctioning; or
(iii) the use of any outdated versions thereof.

7.3 VALLNORD shall not undertake any liability for any of the contents linked from the Web, provided always that they are not its own; nor shall it guarantee the absence of virus or other elements in the contents which may cause alterations in the information system (hardware and software), in the documents or files of Users, excluding any liability for any kind of damage to Users as a consequence thereof.
8. Applicable Law and Competent Jurisdiction.
These Terms of Use shall be governed by Andorran laws, and any controversy which may arise shall be settled in the courts of the city of Andorra la Vella.