Circuits Bike Park

Circuits Bike Park

EN (Enduro)

There are two tracks, one red, one blue in terms of level. Includes sections where pedalling is necessary. 80% of these circuits follow trails and paths

XC (Cross-Country)

Pedal tracks.There are three levels. Use of XC (cross- country) bikes is recommended. The highest-level tracks include technical zones with roots and rocks.

DH (Descens)

Practically 100% natural tracks, the rest levelled by heavy machinery, with almost no pedalling necessary. Large variety of natural as well as artificial jumps. Routes for all levels. Use of downhill bikes recommended.

4X (Four Cross)

A track that combines jumps with thrills and fun. Flats, step-ups, banked curves and trunk zone.

PT (Pump Track)

New for this season, A new all-natural pump truck circuit. In brief we will inform you about your situation at the bike park.


A circuit designed for younger riders,who can discover the excitement of descending through the forest. Reached on foot, the track contains 4 wooden modules.