Agustina Park

At Vallnord - Ordino Arcalís, Park Agustina continues to be the nerve centre of all summer activities. The park was created exclusively for family fun and is themed around the world of Agustina, Max and Leo, the Vallnord mascots. Park Agustina, located in La Coma del Forat d’Arcalís, takes the form of a large obstacle course, with bouncy castles and trampolines.


Young people from 10 to 18 years can have fun driving miniquads in this Alpine area of Vallnord. The attraction is located in La Coma del Forat and the activity takes place in a closed circuit with 15-minute turns.
Price: €12.00.

Quad raids

One of the attractions in the Arcalís sector are 45-minute quad raids, following different paths through the area around La Coma d’Arcalís, combining different types of terrain: asphalt, earth and stone. A perfect way to discover the secrets of the natural heritage in and around Ordino.
Price: from €42.00.

Gicafer (caterpillar vehicle)

Vallnord Arcalís organises themed visits by Gicafer, a caterpillar vehicle that seats up to 14 people. During this activity, using multimedia equipment, the guide will provide the group with information about the area.
Price: from €15.00.

Park Agustina Ordino Arcalis

Park Agustina Ordino Arcalis verano

Park Agustina Ordino Arcalis verano

More information and reservations: - Ph. +376 850 203