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The country of the Pyrenees offers a whole variety of activities to enjoy with your family or friends. Discover the most special spots of this small country and live Vallnord's experience before and after skiing.

Caldea is Europe's largest spa in the mountains.

Caldea, where "water is life", uses the abundant hot springs in Andorra and creates a new concept of leisure and wellness, spa recreation. It's a date with water and all its incarnations and cultural expressions, everything from water vapour to ice, from Finland to Japan. In an area of 30,345 m2 the complex offers a wide range of activities that allows visitors to experience the same habits and rituals imagined

by different civilisations. Under a glass dome which showcase the typical landscapes of the Principality (green in spring and summer, colourful in autumn and White in winter), and with approximately 6.000 m2 of spa recreation space, Caldea offers two distinct areas: the Thermoludic Area and the Wellness Area.



Culture, a long history.

Andorra has a long history. In 1278 the Principality of Andorra is born with the signature of the "Pareatges" between the Bishop of Urgell and the count of Foix, but man populated the valleys 5000 years before then. The outcome is an enormous cultural legacy that has been treasured through the years for inquisitive visitors to discover

amazing cultural itineraries, museums that describe the customs and local traditions, or the rich Romanesque heritage that has been with us the last 1000 years. Travelling through time in Andorra is easy, just board the tour bus and let yourself be led across idyllic settings in between the mountains.

Entertainment, Andorra's nightlife.

The day may be cold on the slopes but the nightlife ambience is warm and friendly. With bars, pubs and clubs, the whole country is bursting with places to drink, dance or listen to music while enjoying the remainder of the day.

The night may start in a pub listening to a live band perform whilst clutching your favourite drink. If you saved some energy on the slopes you may want to finish the day on the dance floor at one of the many clubs open until dawn.

Restaurants, contemporany and creative cuisine.

The "bordes" are traditional Pyrenean buildings made of stone and timber that in the past were used to store hay and farming tools. Nowadays most of them are cosy restaurants where you can enjoy authentic mountain cuisine such as "escudella" a stew which is an excellent choice to fight the winter temperatures,

"trinxat" a tasty mix of meat and vegetables blended and fried, mountain rice or a plate of snails (some of the local delights are reserved only for bravest). Costumers can also opt for top-quality contemporary and creative cuisine directly influenced by the neighbouring French and Catalan master chefs.

Shopping, more than 1500 shops and stores.

Andorra is a unique shopping destination. More than 1,500 shops and stores are concentrated in a few acres to ensure that you find what you are looking for. Designer and luxury goods, fashion, jewellery, beauty, perfumes, pharmaceuticals or electronics can be found seven days a week. In Andorra the friendliness of a small shop is often

combined with the glamour and splendour of boutiques that have nothing to envy those of the great world capitals. Prices however, are lower, since the tax rates in Andorra are less than those of the EU. Needless to say, you can equip yourself from head to toe in the excellent shops specializing in skiing and mountain sports.