Un valle que cautiva

Ordino is the capital, the heart and the driving force of the valley of the same name. Its charm lies in having been able to combine growth and modernisation with respect for its stock breeding and agricultural past, thereby conserving a significant cultural heritage. It is a town which is renowned for its peace, without renouncing all the commodities of modern society. 85 km² of which 33% are forests.

Segudet and Ansalonga are two small villages near Ordino. The fact that between the two of them they have fewer than one hundred inhabitants means they are genuinely full of peace and quiet. The same occurs in Sornàs, which also has that charming aroma of mountain village, where time stands still and captivates visitors.

La Cortinada is one of the richest villages with respect to Romanesque heritage, such as Sant Martí de la Cortinada Church and its mural paintings, the Camí Ral or former highway and other places of interest such as the Nature Centre. Full of ancient houses and cultivated fields, there is one house, which is one of the oldest ones in the Principality, that has become cultural heritage: Cal Pal (15th and 16th centuries).
La Cortinada also offers numerous paths for hiking and multiple panoramic views of the heart of the valley.

Heading towards the ski resort, you come to Arans and Llorts, the latter of which has a mine. From Llorts, you can get to the Angonella Valley, which offers a spectacular mountain landscape, full of lakes. Finally, El Serrat, with fewer than fifty inhabitants, is the furthest village from the capital of the parish. It is just before you get to Arcalís and to the Tristaina Lakes, a beautiful place of glacier origin, with the peak of the same name presiding over the valley (2,878 metres).